My New Books From Amazon

I’ve gotta tell ya folks, I have a terrible habit for buying books on Amazon.
Here’s what turned up in the post today.

Books from to review

Books from to review

and last but definitely not least….

Review of the Guitar Fretboard Workbook by Barrett Tagliarino

Here is another review that I have already published on, but now that I have owned this book for almost two months I can add to what you will read in my Amazon review, those thoughts will be posted under the review.

I have only recently purchased this book, so I can’t give an example of how well it has affected my long term playing, but as far as how much I have learned in only a few short weeks is nothing short of fantastic.

Barret teaches in such a way that makes learning the fretboard and note relationships seem so basic and easy, it makes me wonder why it has taken me so long to understand even some of the absolute basics.

I have learned more about root note relationships and their positions in the first 4 chapters of this book than any other book I have owned, not to say the information isn’t in the other books, but it’s the way Barrett goes about getting you to learn it.

Thanks Barret, 5 stars, and can’t wait to get the next book.


I also showed my brother this book, who by the way already has a great knowledge of the fretboard and note relationships and he was so impressed at the teaching methods used in this book that he wanted me to get him a copy, so the book is well suited for both beginner and advanced players.

Since using this book as part of my regular practice routine I am finding that the fretboard is simply opening up before my eyes.

My confidence in breaking out of the old scale patterns is becoming increasingly evident in my playing.

I am also gaining a whole new level of knowledge as far as building scales and finding them in any part of the guitar’s fretboard, and although I am still very much in the early stages of the book I can honestly say that it has been a huge revelation for me.

One of the biggest benefits from using this book is the level of enjoyment I am now getting from my playing. I can see those walls that have restricted my playing for so long starting to come crashing down as I am learning more and more through this book.

Guitar Fretboard Workbook: A Complete System for Understanding the Fretboard For Acoustic or Electric Guitar (Musicians Institute: Essential Concepts)

Rhythmic Lead Guitar by Barrett Tagliarino

I originally wrote this review for Rhythmic Lead Guitar by Barrett Tagliarino for, so the majority of this post is a copy of what you will find there, I thought about writing a new review but why reinvent the wheel right.

This is a great book that I am finding to be of great value… Hope you enjoy the review (and the book ;-)).

This is my second book that I purchased from Barrett, the first being the Guitar fretboard workbook, and I can confidently and happily say that it wont be the last.

It’s obvious right from the outset that Barrett’s 20+ years as a guitar teacher means that he knows how to get results fast.

The book takes you from a complete beginner, right up to some of the most advanced guitar rhythm techniques you will ever need…

…there is no stone left unturned, so to speak.

Every lesson is clearly laid out with a very easy to understand and comprehensive explanation leaving absolutely nothing to doubt. As well as the clearly defined documentation the CD tracks are extremely easy to follow with Barrett counting out each beat with you, making it a super user friendly and doable process.

Having Barret counting out the rhythms on the CD makes it feel like your having a one on one lesson and also makes the entire learning process a whole lot easier than if you just had the licks on their own and you were left to figure out the rhythms by reading the book and listening to the audio, with Barrett counting out the rhythms, it ties both the book and the CD together.

As mentioned in a previous review, the book isn’t just a whole heap of licks that you will probably never use, this is a rock solid education on how to understand the rhythms that make up the licks and solos that you will find in any style of music. It really is teaching you how to fish instead of just handing you one.

If your the kind of guitarist that just wants to “Play” the guitar without building a real understanding of your instrument then you should probably get the book with the title, “A million and one licks that you will never use”… But, if you really want to learn your guitar then get this book, it is a must.

Again, I would thoroughly recommend you get this book if you are serious about your guitar playing and want to get to the next level, whatever that level is for you. I would definitely buy this book again and have already recommended it to a couple of my friends.

Thanks Barret.

By using this book I have gained a whole new appreciation for timing and phrasing and now realize, if you can get those right, even before you try and figure out what your fingers need to do, it makes learning new stuff so much more easier.

This really is a great book, and as I said in the review, if your really serious about learning your Guitar then Get this book, even if your a total novice that can barely hold a pick, this book will help you build a solid foundation that will serve you well for the rest of your guitar playing life.