The New Chimp Head by Big White Monkey Amps

Big things are happening for the guys over at Big White Monkey Amps this year. As far as I know, they are bringing out a brand new range of Chimps, getting a new website sorted and looking to start some more new products that are currently being kept under wraps at this stage.

Last week we were lucky enough to get our hands on the brand new model Chimp head, which is the upgraded version of the older model Kong.

Before I go into specifics on the upgrades I have a couple of videos I would like to show you.

In this first video, Darren runs the amp through it’s paces using a Fernandes “The Revival” with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s pickups. The speaker box is a Fargen 1 x 12 with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.

In this next video we used a Fernandes “Super Grade” Gold Top Les Paul fitted with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups. The Pedal used is a Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver OD-10 Pedal.

We also decided to do a video with the older Kong, to give you an idea of the difference in sound and noise levels.

The amp has foot switchable Spring Reverb, (which is an upgrade for this newer model) and comes with a foot switch, but the best part about the Reverb is it’s valve driven, making it the only 5watt valve amp in it’s class to have a valve driven reverb.

All other amps in the 5w class have a chip driven reverb, so there signal path is not true analogue, once the signal passes through a micro chip it becomes digital.

Big White Monkey Chimp Head

Big White Monkey Chimp Head

On the control panel from left to right you have the Low and Hi 1/4″ input jacks, Gain, Tone, Volume and Reverb Chicken head knobs, (No More Turd, Bananas and Nuts for your EQ descriptions) full sized 1/4 inch headphone jack and Chrome plated metal Standby and Power switches.

Big White Monkey Chimp Head Controls

Big White Monkey Chimp Head Controls

In the newer model, the circuitry has been completely revised making this newer model a lot quieter. The new and improved transformers now come with switchable output, so these newer models can be used anywhere in the world.

Big White Monkey Chimp Head Back

Big White Monkey Chimp Head Back

The newer heads can be plugged into a 4, 8 and 16 ohm speaker, so all of your basses are covered as far as speakers are concerned. They also now come with a DI output jack so you can now plug directly from the amp into the PA or Desk.

The valves are 1 x 6L6 Power valve and 2 x 12AX7.

The estimated weight is around 7kg and the dimensions in cm will be roughly the same as the original Kong at around 19D x 20H x 37W.

At the moment the amps are still not available, but I would be surprised if there wasn’t  going to be some kind of early bird discount if you get in early and pre-order.

So if you want to find out a little bit more about these killa amps send the guys over at Big White Monkey Amps an email with any inquires and ask for details on how to Pre-Order your Chimp, so you can get in on the special discounted rate if they have one.

Just copy and paste the email address to contact them.

3 thoughts on “The New Chimp Head by Big White Monkey Amps

  1. Hi, I tried to contact you through ebay, but their “contact seller” system doesn’t work. I would love to get one of your 5 watt tube amps w reverb, but the shipping listed on ebay is almost as much as the amp itself. You listed Au Parcel as the method of shipping, but have you looked into ebay’s international shipping program? It might be a great deal all around if we could get the shipping price down a bit to the US. Thanks!

  2. “Once the signal enters a microchip it becomes digital”

    Assuming you’re confusing microchip with integrated circuit this may not entirely be true. Microchip microcontroller are digital (as with any other brand of microcontroller) and are integrated circuits. But not all integrated circuits are digital ones as microcontrollers, ADCs and DACs are. Even though digital and analog ICs can look the same on a PCB you might not really know if they are a analog component such as an op-amp or digital component such as a microcontroller, ADC or DAC without any way to identify the ICs on a PCB. Some of the best analog headphone amps are made with analog integrated circuit’s such as the TPA6120A2 which is essentially a class A/B amplifier.

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