Biyang RV-10 Tri Reverb – Another Home Run for Biyang

I love cheesy titles, so I thought I would put one up there! But in fairness to Biyang, who I imagine cop a fair bit of, “I am not buying Chinese rubbish“, this pedal is cool, does exactly what it says it will do, and is delivered to your door for under $100. So if you are wanting something to deepen or wetten your sound a bit, and if reverb is not your ‘main‘ affect then the Biyang RV-10 Tri Reverb Pedal will do the trick!

But before we get too excited lets listen to how she sounds. Here’s a video Dazza did demoing this pedal alongside the Biyang Max Distortion. The guitar he is using is his modified Fender MIJ Contemporary Strat and the amp is a Fender ’59 Bassman LTD (Lacquered Tweed 410 Jensen 45W combo)..

Biyang Rv-10 3-mode Stereo Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal Stereo-designed TRI

End Date: Sunday Feb-24-2019 17:39:26 PST
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Okay, so before I put pen to paper, I checked out a few other reviews (well about 6 of them), and so far all have rated the Biyang alongside several other bigger name competitors, such as Boss amongst others (and…, I am not here to defame anyone!), and I tend to agree with them, Honestly, in a blind test (esp in a band situation) you wouldn’t know it was a ‘cheap‘ pedal!

Biyang RV10 Tri Reverb

Biyang RV10 Tri Reverb

The quality of the actual effect aside, there are a  couple of things I love about this pedal, the deep marine blue it is finished off in, and the MXR size (which is very popular now).

Okay, now some technical stuff and a look at how it sounds. Firstly the pedal has stereo input and outputs so you can run it into several amps at once, or into a mixer etc, but most just use the standard mono into an amp as we saw Darren doing in the video.

The main controls on this unit are ‘Blend‘ & ‘Time‘, with a toggle switch on the front of the unit providing access to the 3 modes, which are ‘Hall‘, ‘Spring‘ and ‘Room’, which I am very happy to announce, are all usable.

I am a sucker for the deep n serious ‘Hall‘ setting for that Pink Floyd like ambience, that makes one think of…, mortality…, all the things you should have done and never did…, and other gloomy things.., No…, just joking, but combine some ‘Hall‘ with distortion or OD, and it beautifully wettens and fattens up a melodic solo or brings a real dimension into your chord picking.

There is also another ‘A/B‘ toggle switch, which sits just above the ‘Reverb Type‘ toggle switch, which basically gives 2 variations to each setting, sothere is an ‘A‘ and a ‘B‘ setting for the ‘Hall reverb‘, ‘Spring reverb‘ and the ‘Room reverb’ settings.

2pcs 6.35mm 1/4 Male to 3.5mm 1/8 Female Mono Audio Mic Plug Adapter Jack

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So a total of 6 usable sounds to choose from, although if you are like me, you will probably just have one or 2 you like and just step on it and play! I am not a massive fan of tweaking as I find it distracts me from playing!

So in summary, I like it, and for the $70 or so bucks, you would be very hard pressed to find another reverb pedal that looks, sounds and feels as good as this Biyang unit.

Don’t let the name or country of manufacture put you off, as Chinese, Taiwanese and the Japanese have way better maths and ‘nerdy‘ knowledge than we do!! LOL…. just kidding. Grab one… it’s a great pedal!

Going to finish off this review with some specs I have copied from Biyang… (Go on, pretend you know what they are talking about…)

  • German-Made ‘Wima’ Capacitors
  • High Accuracy Resistance
  • Metal Potentiometer
  • Heavy Duty Footswitch
  • True Bypass Circuitry
  • Powered by either a 9v battery or a regular “Boss” style DC 9v adaptor. (Yes.. important!!! Normal BOSS power is cool!!)
  • Vintage Analog Sounds
  • Standard Size Aluminium-Cast Enclosure (Colour Powder Coated Chassis, Smart Compact circuit design)
  • Connectors: Input×2, Output×2, DC9V in×1
  • Current: 130mA
  • Input Impedance: 1MΩ

Vintage Roland SRV-330 Digital Reverb Effect Rack 170420

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Grampian 636 Spring reverb rare Valve Prototype

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1961 Fender Reverb Unit

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1961 Fender Reverb Unit

End Date: Friday Mar-15-2019 5:57:34 PDT
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Fender USA made 1961 6G15 Reverb Unit Brown Tolex [Leather Handle] (5128

End Date: Tuesday Mar-12-2019 15:49:55 PDT
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