Lovepedal E6 Eternity Overdrive Pedal – Eternity Burst’s Hotter Brother!!

Let’s keep the Lovepedals Custom Guitar Effects reviews rollin’ out, this time were looking at the Lovepedal E6 Eternity Overdrive Pedal!

Now as we mentioned in the Eternity Burst review, Sean Michaels hand makes these in Michigan, USA and are also used by quite a few Rock n Roll Heavy Weights.

Okay, so standard procedure, before we get too deep into the review, we have a couple of videos for you to check out. In this first video Darren is playing his very contemporary, made in Japan Fender Stratocaster, which is fitted with a Seymour Duncan 59er, the amp is a Peavey Delta Blues.

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In this next video, Darren puts the E6 Eternity through its paces using a 62 Re-issue Fender Stratocaster, which dates back to the early 80s Fullerton era.

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Lovepedals own video promo describe this pedal as “Harmonically Rich with Smooth Compression, Overdriven Tube Amp Sweetness” it also has a reputation for being… “Perfectly tuned, Transparent, An Overdrive Unit that Delivers Fat, Organic Tone“.

Lovepedal Kanji Eternity Overdrive Pedal

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There you go review done!

Nah seriously… but I would totally agree with the above mentioned descriptions.

Lovepedal E6 Eternity Overdrive Pedal

Lovepedal E6 Eternity Overdrive Pedal

The E6 Eternity is designed to be a slightly hotter version of the Eternity Burst pedal and has a little bit more presence and gain on tap, but every bit as organic and transparent as it’s predecessor.

The E6 Eternity is apparently the highest gain pedal Lovepedal make, but it’s still moderate in comparison to some. I would like to add that it’s quite versatile and it cleans up really well for a High Gain Overdrive pedal and can easily be used for low gain applications as well.

Like my Eternity Burst review, I mainly used a single coil guitar (into my Blackstar HT40 clean channel) although I did also use my Limited Edition Epiphone Les Paul for a bit to see how it sounded with Humbuckers.

With single coils it really brought up the beautiful mids, with a smooth treble and tight bass. Every note in a chord was clear and not mushy when in the lower ‘Bowels‘ of the fretboard.

Other reviewers described the E6 Eternity as ‘Thick and Chewy‘ which kinda sounds bad, but I think it has a wonderfully full tone, and sustains beautifully as you drive the gain up.

As you would have seen from the two videos we did, it reacts very well to both single coils and humbuckers. The bridge PUP on the Les Paul just sang and the pedal had this awesome slight compression thing happening, on both low and high gain settings.

As mentioned, it can be a great clean boost, but I think the Eternity Burst does that better, as this baby is meant to be driven hard. I found with the gain sitting at around 1-2pm there was sweet, soaring leads to be found, which sounded thick and creamy with lots of sustain to add extra harmony and color to your playing!

I actually really loved this pedal, and if Mr J didn’t keep an eye on me, I reckon I could easily keep it!! LOL..but seriously, as the Chinese say, “Simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication“, and really, with this pedal you can simply pick your sweet spot and just focus on playing, cause it just sounds so blimin’ great!!

This could be one of the perfect 10 ‘desert island‘ overdrives!

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2 thoughts on “Lovepedal E6 Eternity Overdrive Pedal – Eternity Burst’s Hotter Brother!!

  1. Great article. Great pedal (Eternity E6). I am not much of an overdrive/distortion player, but this one is worth having, as are the Kingsley pedals. Keep that Bible going. Cheers!

    • Thanks Tonetwister…the Lovepedal stuff is well regarded for a reason because it delivers quality great tone pure and simple! They dial down well, keep their value and are well constructed so what’s not to like!!
      Andrew H

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