CMATMODS Super Signa Drive – One Versatile OD!!

Well, I like to dabble now and again with some boutique stuff from the USA, and Cmatmods Effects definitely qualify for the Boutique classification.

The Super Signa Drives are all hand-made one at a time in the USA by Chad Matthews, who gets rave reviews not only for his products but his awesome service and down to earth approachability.

Chad started producing pedals about 10 years ago, and his business has slowly grown over that period, mostly due to word of mouth because of his seriously good pedals, which by the way are surprisingly affordable (as compared to Wampler!) for a hand-made effect pedal.

Unfortunately, we don’t have our own video for this review but for you visually stimulated people, here is a fellow Aussie, Shane from InTheBlues reviewing the pedal…

USED CMATMods Super Signa Drive Overdrive (375)

End Date: Thursday Jun-20-2019 8:04:44 PDT
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So okay, let’s check it out! Firstly it is a compact pedal, but has a lot on it as the pic shows…

CMATMODS Super Signa Drive

CMATMODS Super Signa Drive

Finished in bright red, with vintage white knobs (hey, my granddad has one of those!!) the controls being…

  • Gain
  • Treble
  • Mid
  • Bass
  • Level
  • Boost

Now quoting Chad’s description of the pedal from the CMATMODS website, he says…

“I used the core of the Signa Drive and added the EQ and a little extra to fatten it up and add more sustain.

The toggle switch works just like the original Signa Drive, but works side to side. It has a EQ that allows you to change the high’s, mid’s and bass. There is a lot of range in the EQ of this pedal so you can scoop the mids, have a mid hump or neutralize the mids. If you like the bass high and the treble low you can do that also, almost any type of EQ setting you think will sound great, it is in there.

There is so much sustain in this pedal it is amazing, it just drips with harmonics and has so much clarity”.

CMATMODS BROWNIE from japan (6855

End Date: Monday Jul-1-2019 7:44:38 PDT
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Now usually I don’t quote that much, but he sums it up so well, this pedal is so versatile, and honestly it does an awesome low gain, like the famed Vox AC30 ‘Clean with hair on it‘ but then click in the boost, and it fattens up very nicely. On the other hand it does screaming overdrive, with full gain very well and doesn’t mush up or lose clarity like some pedals do when you push the gain too hard.

An interesting feature of this pedal is the Boost and the Overdrive work independently of each other, so a real nice bonus straight up. If you want a bit more volume or fatness to your clean then you can set the Boost amount and level, and viola! You can drive a small single ended tube amp very nicely into natural harmonic overdrive.

Naturally if you want a light OD, then set it to low gain and when you want to boost it for your solos, then click in the boost, and boom! Soaring rich fat lead tones, from SRV, to Hendrix to whatever you can think of (except hard ass metal, maybe get something heavier for that!).


End Date: Wednesday Jul-17-2019 13:11:16 PDT
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One thing I will point out is the sensitivity of the controls. If I had to point out one drawback, is that a small turn can make at times, too much difference. The Gain not so much a problem, but the tonal range I definitely found a bit touch sensitive!

On the bright side, the input and output jacks grip like a rottweiler! Definitely not having your cable coming out by accident, as they are quite hard to get out!

The toggle switch acts as a gain stage, one side giving you more gain, the other reducing it by nearly half so you can get thick crunchy low gain type of tones.

Overall I would have to say a very well designed, high-end boutique pedal that most people rave about. Actually it is one of the better gain pedals I have used, and looks fantastic on top of all the tonal diversity and benefits it gives you.

It is a bit sensitive at times, and for me, I am probably more of a ‘less is more‘ player these days where I don’t want to spend too much time ‘tweaking‘ like I did when I was younger, but just having one really good usable tone is for me.

However, this pedal can give many great tones, with an independent boost switch to boot!

One more thing, Chad has different colour LED’s for OD and Boost, so you know what effect is on, simple but still a cool thought! Ok bedroom rockers… till next time!

CMATMODS Super Signa Drive (4619

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CMAT Mods Super Signa Drive Overdrive + Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

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CMATMODS Super Signa Drive Overdrive and Boost Pedal

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very lite use CMATmods Super Signa Drive OD/Boost +bat&strings -Velcro on bottom

End Date: Wednesday Jun-19-2019 18:43:37 PDT
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USED CMATMods Super Signa Drive Overdrive (375)

End Date: Thursday Jun-20-2019 8:04:44 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $119.00
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