Repainting my Classic Series 70s Stratocaster

Recently I posted an article about a secondhand Classic Series 70s Stratocaster that a purchased some time ago, if you read that article you would find that I had mixed feelings about this guitar, I loved the weight, balance and feel of the guitar, but I just couldn’t get past the thick poly coating.

So after a little bit of thought I decided to re-paint the guitar. Below is a series of videos I made of the entire rebuild process.

In this first video, I published a short intro into the planing of the rebuild process.

In these next few video’s I start removing the Poly coating from the body, I tell you, this poly coating stuff is bullet proof, as you will see in the first video, it takes about 4 minutes to get through the poly into the wood, carefully using a heat gun on a high temp setting.

In the next video I show how I fixed up all the little bumps and bruises the body incurred while removing the poly coating with the heatgun and scraper. As you will see in the video I use a builders bog, also commonly known as automotive putty.

In the following video I explain why I decided to fill up all of the pick guard screw holes and show how I did it.

This next video shows how I sanded back the excess wood that stuck out from the screw holes.

I the next video I explain how I sanded the body filler off. I also showed how I sanded the repair on the neck pocket where it chipped when I was removing the poly.

Here, I show how I sanded the neck, I have to be honest, I am not totally happy with the result, If I had my time over and had some spare cash to throw at this project I probably would of removed the frets before sanding it back.

In this next video I had the first coat of undercoat applied to the body. I explain that the faults in the body became really evident after applying the undercoat, so here I am again re-filling the holes, and wood grain grooves that were so evident after applying the undercoat.

Here’s the next video of the body after I had finished sanding back the second layer of filler.

The body did have to be repainted with another coat of undercoat, here’s the vid of the second layer of undercoat.

and the finished product….

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