Laney – LIONHEART L50H Valve Head – Another underated Gem from Laney!

Okay time for some more guitar amps! Groovy… and this one today is very nice indeed!!!

Unfortunately we don’t have our own video demo, so I thought I would grab the official Laney video. I must confess though, I don’t think the Laney video does the amp any favors… So read on to find out what I really think of the amp!!!

BRAND NEW Laney Lionheart L5T-112 5 Watt Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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End Date: Sunday May-31-2020 18:22:52 PDT
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Here is a much better vid by one of my favorite YouTube reviewers, Brett Kingman…

Laney LIONHEART L50H Twin Channel 50-Watts Guitar Tube Amplifier Head w/ Reverb

End Date: Wednesday Jun-17-2020 12:00:51 PDT
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The Laney L50H is a UK designed and made (just to distinguish it from Chinese made Laney Cub’s) 50 watt valve head. Finished off in a nice black rippled tolex with mirrored faceplates, which overall make it one classy looking number.

Laney LH50 Valve Head Front

Laney LH50 Valve Head Front

I will say that every single Laney amp I have either owned or played through (about 6 or so) have all sounded fantastic and the ones that I owned have all been pretty reliable. Even the lower priced Cubs were great value (although I did notice a couple of slight issues with the reverb on one of them).

As a side not, some of the big name users of Laney amps are Tony Iommi – BLACK SABBATH, Steve Rothery – MARILLION, Rich Ward – FOZZY, STUCK MOJO, WALKING WITH KINGS …. etcetera, etcetera,,,

The Laney site informs us that, “The LH50- at its core is an EL84 loaded Class A/B valve amplifier, packing 50 watts of pure valve tone – as powerful as you need…“, which I definitely can concur with.

Used Jimmy Wallace RED Lightin Guitar Amplifier Combo 50W Rare

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Before purchasing my L50H, I checked some other reviews of this amp and they all raved about it’s amazing cleans and very usable distortion channel, and since owning and playing one myself, I totally agree with them.

The clean, mixed with a touch of onboard (digital) reverb has a beautiful Voxish shimmer, but with a nice low end (to not put it too much into the Vox tone camp).

Laney LH50 Valve Head Back

Laney LH50 Valve Head Back

However seeing how I am a bedroom rocker (hand on my heart whilst typing this) I did find that using an attenuator, still allowed me to get very nice tube tones at a fairly quiet, domestically acceptable level.

It is warm and responsive and sounds full of life and it sparkles, with plenty of headroom coming from the 50 watts of tube driven power.

In fact, I will go as far to say that it is definitely one of my top 5 best cleans I have ever heard so far! (my 2 watt Valvetone is also awesome!).

Before I forget, it has a ‘Bright‘ push button to add more treble, which I used at times for variation and ‘Hi‘ and ‘Lo‘ inputs for either single coil or humbucker guitars!

Mesa Boogie Lonestar 100/50w 212 Combo, Blue

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For me, it filled out the thinness of the single coils in my Strat, and gave some sparkle and clarity to my Les Pauls humbuckers, I have to say that I thought it was a real one stop, all in one, go to guitar amplifier.

As for the distortion channel, another reviewer commented that it was like a JCM900 with more low end. I would tend to agree and say that it does have a UK Marshallish type of accent, and when you add in some reverb, it starts being a lot of fun to play.

There is a ‘Gain setting‘ on both channels, and being able to have a clean signal that can be pushed a little harder than normal, while using a boost or OD pedal on top of the slightly boosted clean can make your sound very fat and rich, producing that ‘on the edge‘ tone that I think is just awesome. The Gain on the clean channel is a very cool feature that this amp employs.

Again I won’t go on about specs, as you can check out the specs in detail on the Laney Website, but it does have an independent Bass, Mid and Treble for each channel, a channel volume and a Master volume and Tone (like the Vox ‘Tone Cut’) that I thought was a great feature.

This gives you much more control when adjusting to different guitars, and just allows for much more precision in getting the exact tone you want.

On the Distortion channel, you have the choice between a ‘standard/vintage’ distortion or ‘modern’. The modern scoops it a bit and you can get more metal chug from it. I liked the standard distortion, but with plenty of it!!

Laney Electric Guitar Power Amplifier, Black/Brown (Cub-12R)

End Date: Thursday Jun-25-2020 12:15:01 PDT
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Okay, so let’s sum up…

Although I haven’t gotten in as deep as I could with this amplifier, seeing how versatile it is, but what I was most impressed with was how good it sounded when you plugged straight into it.

With just a little or a lot of reverb the sound was great.

You don’t need pedals with this amp to really rock and enjoy, and it’s always a pleasure just to plug straight into an amp without heaps of pedals choking or coloring the amps tone.

I definitely recommend this amp, and yes you can play it at Wembley in tight leather pants (a secret fantasy of mine) or at home in your bedroom dressed in your PJs, and be sexy whilst doing both!

If you find one under $600 go for it!! It’s A GEM of an amp!

Laney Tony Iommi TI100 100 Watt Full Stack 2x (4x12) Cabs Guitar Amp Amplifier

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NEW Laney LA100SM Super Modified 100 Watts RMS Vintage White Guitar Amp Head

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Laney Supermod Hand Wired All Tube Class AB Guitar Amplifier Head Model LA100SM

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LANEY NEXUS Bass STACK 1xSLS head & 2xN410 cab. FREE Shipping or LOCAL PICKUP

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LANEY VC 50 -212 All-tube Combo Amplifier 30W 2 Channel Bright Switch Excellent-

End Date: Thursday May-28-2020 12:03:32 PDT
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