Digitech Screamin Blues – Another Polarizing Cheapy from Digitech

Oh I love Digitech stuff, partly because some of it is (I have to say), actually quite good! It also has the effect of polarizing some people who insist on boutique gear and can’t believe that a $50 pedal will produce an effect that’s really, really good or at worst good enough.

Digitech Screamin Blues pedal

Digitech Screamin Blues pedal

This is my second review of a Digitech overdrive, so if your in the market for a new overdrive pedal, make sure you also read my review of the Digitech Bad Monkey that I wrote a while back.

Okay, so the pedal itself is a nicely colored cool blue, with minimal graphics and the same controls as the Bad Monkey…

  • Level
  • Low
  • High
  • and the essential Gain.

The 9volt power input is at the top of the pedal, which I think should be standard with all pedals…, along with the standard left to right input output configuration.

Similarly it has an extra output (Output 2) so you can go straight into a mixing desk and use this pedal sans amp (no amp) ala Tech 21 Character pedals.

So it comes with all the features you could need and to top it off it’s built like a tank, seriously tuff steel case that you just won’t break!

DigiTech Screamin Blues  Guitar Effect Pedal

$19.00 (5 Bids)
End Date: Monday Jun-25-2018 22:07:43 PDT
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Okay, so we’re done with the looks and features, so hows the tone?

Now I will say up front, that this pedal seems to be a bit more fussy than the Bad Monkey, which sounded good on most of the amps and guitars I used it with, so the Bad Monkey was a bit more versatile and user friendly than the Screamin Blues I thought.

But, as a general overview, with the right guitar, amp combination, this pedal for me sounded great. I did find though, that when I used a Tele with it, it got a bit screechy and too ‘revealing‘ for my likes, although that is part of the nature of a Tele i guess!

With a Les Paul and most Strat pickup selections it was great. A clear signal tone from the amp coming through with a real classic crunch, reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, Kiss and the classic rock and blues type of drive, which other reviews also mentioned.

Now it does say ‘Screamin Blues‘ for a reason. There is some nice mojo in the upper mids/treble register that seems to add some nice trebly screaming harmonics. Because of this I found myself slightly preferring humbuckers with this pedal.

To be honest, its weakest point can also be its main strength, that it really emphasizes those upper mids which on the bridge pup of a Strat may get a little too harsh, and for me, using it with a Tele was just too shrill! However on the other hand, plug in a dark sounding heavy arsed Les Paul or some P90s…then whoa! Me likee….

Overall, this really is a very cool pedal for an insanely low price!

DigiTech SC-2 HardWire Valve-Distortion Extreme-Performance Pedal

End Date: Friday Jul-20-2018 7:42:06 PDT
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So, for all you budget minded cheapo heads out there, (which I am now a new convert to el’cheapo land!!) the Digitech Screaming Blues Overdrive pedal is definitely worth it, even more so 2nd hand.

And to finish off here’s a couple of vids I found that seem to demo this pedals quality… we don’t have our own unfortunately, will post once we do though, this pedal looks to be a keeper.

This first video comes courtesy of Bax-shop.nl

DigiTech Screamin 'Blues - Overdrive / Distortion (281

End Date: Saturday Jul-14-2018 2:07:00 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $137.31
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This next video by Intheblues gives a good demo of how it performs with single coils through a Fender amp, pretty much as how I described it in my review, a little shrill so you will notice the treble gets turned way down.

So, because these pedals are so well priced you could easily keep a Bad Monkey for when your playing single coils and the Screamin’ Blues for humbuckers!!! Done!

DigiTech Screamin Blues  Guitar Effect Pedal

$19.00 (5 Bids)
End Date: Monday Jun-25-2018 22:07:43 PDT
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Digitech Screamin' Blues Overdrive Distortion Guitar FX Effects Pedal

$24.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Thursday Jun-28-2018 11:08:24 PDT
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End Date: Sunday Jul-8-2018 16:39:53 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $54.99
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Didgitech Screamin' Blues * used

End Date: Friday Jul-13-2018 23:18:12 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $59.00
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Digitech Screamin' Blues Distortion Guitar Foot Pedal!!!

End Date: Wednesday Jul-18-2018 8:09:18 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $59.95
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