Pedalworx Tejas Overdrive – Handmade Underrated Gem

Okay, picked up for cheap a Pedalworx Tejas Overdrive pedal made by Pedalworx in the USA. From what I can gather Pedalworx is a small family business that produce some very nice handmade gear that is still very affordable. For example this pedal I got off EGay new for $71 shipped because it isn’t over marketed yet. Even Klon and Wampler pedals started off doing small batches and slowly grew to become just too expensive (yes I know that they produce amazing great pedals, but $1000+ for an OD pedal by Klon… I mean C’mon…you can get a vintage Fender Twin Reverb for that! lol)


Okay, looking nice in a dark green MXR (1590B) sized casing, with off white vintage knobs on the four controls of Level, Drive, Spice and Tone. I personally like four knobs (well five if you count me…) as it gives you a much better chance of matching to most amps you will try it with; I find that pedals with the extra control seem to be a lot more versatile.

Now the Spice knob is a little different but basically from what I can hear and from the information I gleaned from other online sources, it is like a frequency adjuster, or a parametric EQ that allows your tone to work off, almost like adjusting the foundation tone. The pedal maker states, “The spice knob brings in an extra gain stage which can add a lot of clarity to the sound as if a blanket is being lifted off as you turn it” (taken from the Pedalworx site).

Actually the spice control reminds me a bit like what the BBE Sonic Stomp does in cleaning up the signal. So with the Spice control, I can really bring clarity and presence to the tone which also helps the signal along the chain too.

I found setting the Spice control at about 3/4 the way up, with drive just over 1/2 way, tone about 3/4 as this pedal is a little dark and by no means thin or shrill. Actually I didn’t mention but I am playing through a Laney VC30 (great amp!) and it can be bright, but this pedal just warms and thickens it up like a sonic pea & ham soup (well not that gluggy!!).

This pedal would go great on Fenders, Mesas (some) and other ‘clear and bright‘ amps that need some low mids and yet still need to retain some clarity. It cleans up very well which is another thing I like about quality OD pedals.

This pedal is handbuilt in the USA, is totally underrated and therefore still undervalued so it is a very affordable pedal to buy and I don’t say this often but I think I have a keeper OD as it is that cool!

To be honest, this really is one of the best TS808 clones I have heard, It has a very dynamic warmth and a wonderful drive that just fills out the sound. I totally recommend the Pedalworx Tejas Overdrive to my fellow rocking brethren!


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  1. The origin of this pedal stems from a friend wanting to help another friend out after an unfortunate accident. Both friends happen to be Jazz greats. Seems John Abercrombie had a house fire and lost years of unreplaceable memorabilia but thankfully nobody was hurt, including his animals. Well one item that got trashed was his original TS808 and I was asked to repair and then clone the pedal by Steve Salerno, who is a fine guitar player! Steve wanted me to do this so that he could give it to John on his birthday.
    I got the original up and running and rehoused into a new box as the old one was beyond saving. I then cloned it but I always like to add something new and the spice knob was born. It’s interesting how it works as it plays with the compression so you can go from a tube screamer squash to a much more opened up sounding tone.
    The trick to the clone was having the right transistors and I have since depleted them so I no longer build the Tejas pedal.
    I am glad you liked it and thank you for the review.

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