Tele Neck Pickup Options from Seymour Duncan

There’s a great post worth checking out on Tele Neck Pickup Options over at the Seymour Duncan Blog.

The post covers a multitude of options available for your Telecaster, including…

  • Hot Tele Neck Pickups
  • Mini Humbuckers
  • P-90’s
  • Full-Sized Humbuckers
  • and P-Rails

My obvious favorite is the P-Rails, only because that’s what I have in my Tele, you can check out some videos of all the different Pick-ups on the Seymour Duncan post, but here’s some video’s of how my P-Rails sound in the neck position of my 99 US Telecaster through a Peavey delta blues.

The bridge pup is the Quarter Pounder for Tele, just in case your wondering.

Here’s how they sound through a Marshall JCM-800.

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