Gretsch G5435 Electromatic Pro Jet – Class act from Gretsch!

Okay, so ever since I have been playing guitar I have heard of Gretsch, but for some reason, I have always associated Gretsch with country, chicken pickin ‘hillbilly‘ music, which just isn’t true. Some of the music industries most iconic figures, such as Chet Atkins, Eddie Cochran, Bo Diddley, George Harrison and John Lennon, to name a few, have all played a Gretsch. And many modern Gretsch players such as the legendary Malcolm Young of AC/DC, THE CULT’s guitarist Billy Duffy, punk guitarist from the 90’s Tim Armstrong all prove that notion to be completely wrong. I have even seen my own guitar hero, Dave Gilmour pull out a nice vintage Gretsch Duojet and play Comfortably Numb on it.

Okay, so usually before we start a review, I always like to add a video, but unfortunately, we don’t have our own, so here’s a great demo from Pro Guitar Shop.

Gretsch Electromatic G5435 Pro Jet Electric Guitar with Gretsch HSC

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Gretsch G5435 Electromatic Pro Jet

Gretsch G5435 Electromatic Pro Jet

Gretsch was started over a 100 years ago by a German immigrant by the name of Friedrich Gretsch, and until the 1960s, were outselling Fender. I believe they are still making their high-end models in Tennessee (correct me if I am wrong!) and the Gretsch brand is still run by a Gretsch family member named Fred Gretsch the 3rd… (sounds like a good name for a new Pope!).

The Gretsch G5435 Electromatic Pro Jet is a budget model which is made in China and retails for about $750 here in Australia. It comes in Black, Silver, 2T Burst and Gold.

On first impressions, picking it up and strumming it unplugged, or acoustically, I was impressed, as it resonated very well. On further inspection there were no dead spots when I put my ear against the body and knocked on the timber, and as for looks, I thought it was very sexy indeed in gloss black with a silver trim!!

It has a set neck, TV Jones pickups, rosewood fretboard with Hump-Block inlays and the usual layout that Gretsch is known for, more specs can be found on the Gretsch website. The neck, naturally an important part of the guitar, was very nice to get around on. Not too thin or thick but quite comfortable to play and most importantly, I found that the guitar stayed in tune very well.

On average, reviews from other sites rated this guitar quite highly and some commented how close the Electromat was to the more expensive Gretsch instruments. I personally loved this Gretsch, and it is obvious that they give great value for money (like G & L guitars). They obviously don’t want their budget models to pull down their esteemed name.

I played this guitar through an Ampeg 50 watt all tube amp (at low volumes) with a bit of reverb and some light OD at times. The Gretsch handled it beautifully. It was rich in tone dynamics, with an interestingly thick P90 single coil tone that was, in my opinion, like a very full single coil or vintage PAF tone. The neck pickup was very warm, not mushy or muddy and it stayed clear, it was a real pleasure to play.

Naturally, it wasn’t as chimey as a Strat neck would be (now that is one of those classic guitar tones), but I was very happy with the bell-like tone that came out when combined with the Ampeg, but comparing to a Strat single coil I thought the Gretsch sounded richer and fuller.

The bridge was very usable, not at all icypicky or shrill, but a fuller, more humbucker type of balls that I really like in a bridge pup. I am personally not a fan of the single coil ‘ear bleeding‘ bridge tone. I thought the Gretsch had one of the sweetest bridge tones I have heard, singing with lots of sustain, but still retaining some glassy single coil dynamics. This is probably due to the pickups being voiced more like a P90, a nice blend of glassy tone and crunch to do that nice edge of breakup.

Another thing I loved about the Gretsch was that you could take it seriously to do both rock and fingerpicking/country or blues! I mean some guitars have a certain image or look that can box it in a bit, but the Gretsch looked sexy enough, classy enough and yet rocky enough to do it all. So it was an inspiring guitar to play for any style out there, and therefore very versatile!

All in all I would have to say it is a great all-purpose guitar, with a nice clear yet full bridge, warm thick neck tone, but with some sparkle and chime still in there to give you clarity. I guess this maybe a reason why finger pickers like Gretsches, since they cut through in a band situation and allow for each note to be heard. I would definately have one again, and I can’t think of anything negative to say about them!

If you are after something a bit different from the standard Les Paul shape, don’t want a straight up single coil either, then the Gretsch G5435 Electromatic Pro Jet is a good mid way alternative, both tonally and visually. I admit that I have regret over selling it, but personally I am a waste of space when it comes to guitar gear, as I keep selling everything!

Peace to all!

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