Ceriatone JTM45 – Classic Rock Tone in the Key of ‘M’

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Okay, so today we’re having a look at a very, very cool amp by Ceriatone. The JTM45. The JTM45 is a classic Marshall Clone, which is not as gainy as the later plexis, but it has great cleans.

First up a couple of vids. This first video, Darren is playing an MIJ Orville, Les Paul Gold Top, the speaker cab is a 1×12 Fargen, loaded with a 75th anniversary Celestion G12H. The distortion is a mids 90’s ProCo Rat

This next video, we are basically demoing the Big White Monkey Attenuator, which will give you an idea of how the amp breaks up.

This next video, Darren is playing an Epiphone Dot Super VS, using the ProCo Rat distortion, as in the above video, but this time the speaker cab is a 2×12 300w Hiwatt loaded with two 12″ Fanes.

The next video, Darren is playing an older MIJ Fernandes Strat, the cab is the 1×12 Fargen, lots of tonal varience with this guitar.

The next video is pretty rough I’m afraid, we have the Epiphone Dot Super VS played clean.

i must admit, this is my favorite Ceriatone. The clean on this amp is as close to my old Fender Twin as I’ve heard, but obviously without the reverb. It also has a more rounded and refined sound with more of a sparkly, bass-heavy emphases on the overall tone.

The build quality of this amp is second to none. An original spec Head Cab, with the dimensions of 26″W x 8.5″D x 10″H. The cab is made from Marine Ply and finished off in black vinyl with gold piping.

Ceriatone JTM45 Head

The controls are very basic and the amp is not really much of a tweaker. I find it to be very user friendly, although in saying that the tonal variance of this amp is massive. The touch sensitive controls allow for lots of tonal spectrum and opportunities to get the ‘Right Tone’.

The controls include…

  • Presence
  • Bass
  • Middle
  • Treble
  • High Treble/ Loudness 1
  • Normal/Loudness2
  • 4 Inputs

Ceriatone JTM45 Inputs and Controls

Each of the four inputs have their own characteristic as well, they are also internally jumped so no need for a patch cable to jump the channels. The volume 1 and 2 controls will work regardless of which channel your plugged into, so they also act as a type of tone control.

Access to the tubes is pretty easy, the back panel is well ventilated and is only held in place by four screws. The panel is a snug fit though, so it does take a little effort to get it out. This amp was ordered back in 2012 and as standard, you only have the power input, two speaker out jacks, impedance selector switch and a fuse socket cap. There is no effects loop on my amp, but the latest ones come with 1/2 power switch, passive loop, and also external bias, which makes it easier to bias the amp.

Ceriatone JTM45 Back

Once inside the cab, as you can see, there is plenty of room to spare, so no problems accessing the tubes if you need.

Ceriatone JTM45 Back Inside

I did get the caps up-graded to the Mustard TAD.

Ceriatone JTM45 Inside Gut Shot

As you can see, the work is extremely tidy, and although the price for a hand wired Ceriatone is much less than pretty much every other hand wired amp out there, the quality in the workmanship is second to no one.

Ceriatone JTM45 Inside Gut Shot 2

In this next pic, you can see the green wire connecting the two channels, saving you from using a jump cable to hook up the two channels. I don’t know if this is a standard feature, as I didn’t ask Nik to do this, but it certainly helps out when mixing the two channels to get even more variety into your tone.

Ceriatone JTM45 Inside Jumped Channels

The workmanship on all Ceriatone amps is sooo good. Here is another close up of the Mustard Caps. Holy Grail Orange Cap and the impeccable wiring and solder joints.

Ceriatone JTM45 Mustard Caps

The pots are Alpha, which are very smooth, no noise, extremely sensitive and very reliable.

Ceriatone JTM45 Alpha Pots

When I ordered the amp I asked Nik if he had any NOS 6v6 Tubes, which he installed. I have never bothered to try any other tubes as these seem to be getting better and better the more I use this amp.

Ceriatone JTM45 NOS Tubes

Not entirely sure what the tranny’s are, I guess they are a stock Ceriatone.

Ceriatone JTM45 Transformers

So as you would of seen in the videos above, at lower volumes the amp is very clean, in order to get the amp to break up you either need to play it really loud or use an Attenuator.

The clean does have a slight grit to it though, and depending on your guitar and amp set up will become even more evident when plucking the strings hard.

The amp has some very vintage Marshall characteristics, similar to my JCM800, with heaps of treble that will allow you to easily cut through any mix.

Tonewise, the amp is a tried and tested Rock amp, it has heaps of everything you need, treble, mids and bass. It loves distortion and OD pedals and has impeccable cleans which work as a great starting point for any reverb, delay, chorus etc… that you might want to add.

I think the Ceriatone JTM45 is a great all round amp, especially as a blues amp with a slight breakup, but it’s also perfect for Jazz with a real mellow and rounded tone, which as I just mentioned will give you the perfect platform to work from if your into other musical genres that require anything from face melting distortion to mellow and harmonically rich reverbs and choruses.
How You Can Get 10% Off A Brand New Ceriatone Amplifier

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