Big White Monkeys Freaky – EQ shaping boost pedal

Okay another pedal review, and I will try to keep this short, as the Big White Monkeys Freaky is more of a functional boost pedal with EQ shaping capabilities rather than the usual effects stuff I normally review. The Freaky is a pedal the boys on the Gold Coast at Big White Monkey amps have had in their big yellow stomp box range for a while now, which I am finally getting around to checking out.

First up, I just want to give BWM a bit of a plug, then we’ll check out a couple of vids, along with my review. Now for those of you who are not familiar with BWM, please check out our list of growing reviews or their Facebook page, where you can get good discounts (as opposed to buying through EBay, which charges big fees and obviously gets added to your buying costs). I personally think their products are fantastic value for money and their amps and pedals rock!, but also, the customer support for an online distributor is fantastic. I have found that any thing I buy from them, I always receive excellent customer service and they stand by their warranty, so I can have peace of mind knowing that if I have a problem they will fix it! Okay there is my plug, on with the Freaky!!!

So first up, lets have a look at a couple of videos. This first video Darren has the Freaky at the end of his signal, meaning it’s the last pedal before it hits the amp. In front of the Freaky is a mid 90s ProCo Rat distortion pedal. The amp is a Peavey Delta Blues and the guitar is Darrens heavily modified ‘E’ serial MIJ Fender Strat.

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Big White Monkeys FG15 DC Tube Amp – Matchless 30 Clone!

Okay time for another review of some new gear from our friends Big White Monkey Amps on the Gold Coast Australia, this time in the form of their new hand wired amp, the FG15 DC.

First Up, the vid…

Okay, lets get into it, this amp is based on the Matchless 30 amp, well specifically the EF86 pre-amp section of that amp, which in turn is based on the old vintage Vox AC30s, some of which featured an EF86 tube in the pre-amp section. Continue reading

Fernandes the Revival Black 70s Strat Copy – Another Japanese Beauty

Over the years I have seen the Fernandes brand pop up from time to time and I have often thought that these Japanese made “Law Suit” guitars looked pretty cool.

So recently, I managed to get my hands on a late 80s (possibly early 90s) black on black 70s Fender Stratocaster copy, which we’ll obviously be looking at. So let’s dive in, I’ve got a heap of cool pics for you to checkout, but first off, lets hear how she sounds….

In this first video Darren is playing through an all original USA made 1980s Silverface Fender Twin Reverb. The tube Screamer mentioned in this video, as with the rest of the following videos is the made in Japan TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer version, the Rat pedal is the USA made version with the LM308 OP chip.

Vintage Custom 1965 Fender Twin Reverb Amp - Smokin Joe Kubek's Amp + Road Case

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Big White Monkey Howler Distortion Pedal – A Keely RAT clone!!

Okay, so recently we had a look at an original mid 90s ProCo RAT2 Distortion pedal, so let’s see how the Big White Monkey Howler Distortion Pedal stands up!

First up, let’s have a listen to how she sounds. Today we have Darren playing a Fernandes Super Grade Les Paul, fitted with Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers. He’s playing through the Big White Monkey VT5 hand wired amp.

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Big White Monkey Kong 5 watt Valve Head – A little Tweed number!

I have done a few reviews for Big White Monkey’s gear, mainly their effects pedals, so lets take a look into their 5 watt valve head, the Big White Monkey Kong.

Before I share my thoughts, lets first have a look at our Guitar Gas video review. Darren is playing a <a< span=””> title=”Check out all of the Made in Japan posts…” href=””>made in Japan Fernandes ‘The Revival‘ 62RI Stratocaster Copy fitted out with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s pickups. The Kong is plugged into a Fargen 1×12 speaker cab fitted with a 30watt 70th anniversary special edition G12H Vintage Series Celestion speaker.

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Big White Monkey Spider 808 vs the Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

The other day while I was at Darren’s doing some videos, I thought I would like to see how the Big White Monkey Spider 808 Overdrive Pedal fared when it was put up against the much higher priced Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer.

Before we did this A/B comparison, I personally thought this might be an easy win for the Ibanez, but boy was I surprised at the results…

Okay, so enough talk, here’s the video… Darren is playing his MIJ Fender Stratocaster into a Peavey Delta Blues amplifier, the Spider 808 in the video is the newer version with the Hi Fi OP chip.

Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS808 for Guitar Japan import

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Big White Monkey Spider 808 Overdrive Pedal

Welcome back to those of you who actually follow my reviews! Today I’m checking out another pedal from the boys on the Gold Coast, Big White Monkey!

Now I have mentioned in previous posts that Big White Monkey started out customizing pedals and then branched into low-wattage valve amps, they then brought out their own line of pedals, of which I have played them all.

Big White Monkey Spider Overdrive Pedal

Big White Monkey Spider Overdrive Pedal

Today we are having a look at the ‘Spider‘ overdrive pedal, which is a Tube Screamer TS808 clone, so we are definitely in vintage territory.

A genuine Ibanez TS808 will retail from $200 to nearly $400 (I have seen them higher!) so I won’t go on about why the ‘old is better‘ and how the pricetags associated with vintage gear determines its quality, but the TS808 tone is possibly the back bone of the Rock n’ Roll era and is a highly regarded staple for nearly every guitarist’s pedal board (or some form of Tube Screamer).

There are two versions of the Spider, the Old and the New, in this review we will have a look at both, but the main focus of this article will be looking at the newer version of the pedal. The main difference between the two is a simple change in the OP Chip, all other aspects are the same.

The pedal is virtually indestructible in its steel casing, which is reminiscent of a ProCo RAT2 Distortion pedal, but a bit longer. Finished in bright yellow with Big White Monkey’s, monkey face logo on the front of the pedal.

It can be powered by a 9v battery or by using a 9.6V Regulated DC300ma negative tip positive ground adapter, which is pretty much the same as the standard Boss sized 9v power adapter (inserts on the right side of the pedal). The guitar and amp input, output jacks are on the sides.

Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS808 for Guitar Japan import

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The New Chimp Head by Big White Monkey Amps

Big things are happening for the guys over at Big White Monkey Amps this year. As far as I know, they are bringing out a brand new range of Chimps, getting a new website sorted and looking to start some more new products that are currently being kept under wraps at this stage.

Last week we were lucky enough to get our hands on the brand new model Chimp head, which is the upgraded version of the older model Kong.

Before I go into specifics on the upgrades I have a couple of videos I would like to show you.

In this first video, Darren runs the amp through it’s paces using a Fernandes “The Revival” with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s pickups. The speaker box is a Fargen 1 x 12 with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.

In this next video we used a Fernandes “Super Grade” Gold Top Les Paul fitted with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups. The Pedal used is a Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver OD-10 Pedal. Continue reading

Big White Monkey Handwired 5 Amp Review

From the moment I unpacked my Big White Monkey’s Handwired tube combo, the VT-5, I was pretty impressed. But before I delve into my review, lets have a listen to this amp first with our resident Guitar Gas guitarist Darren putting it through it’s paces…

In the video above Darren was using a 1981, 100% original made in Japan Greco Spacey Sound SE 450 and a Big White Monkey Howler distortion pedal. Apologies also for the abrupt ending, I was told by Jeremy, the editor for this site that his missus rang while doing the shoot, the price you pay for recording a video on your phone. The video was shot using an iPhone 4 and the Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface for iPhone.

Now lets hear how she sounds with a Les Paul and a pair of Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers Humbuckers… Continue reading

Big White Monkey Curly Fuzz Pedal Review

Great today to be examining Australian fare again, the ‘Curly Fuzz’ by Big White Monkeys. This pedal is produced by a decent bunch of Aussies based here in Queensland on the Gold Coast. Before we begin our review, lets take a quick look at how she sounds through an Aria Pro II Strikin Sounds ST54 fitted with Fender Custom Shop 56 NOS pickups and played through a Fender ’59 Bassman LTD, Lacquered Tweed 410 Jensen 45W combo.

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