Big White Monkeys Freaky – EQ shaping boost pedal

Okay another pedal review, and I will try to keep this short, as the Big White Monkeys Freaky is more of a functional boost pedal with EQ shaping capabilities rather than the usual effects stuff I normally review. The Freaky is a pedal the boys on the Gold Coast at Big White Monkey amps have had in their big yellow stomp box range for a while now, which I am finally getting around to checking out.

First up, I just want to give BWM a bit of a plug, then we’ll check out a couple of vids, along with my review. Now for those of you who are not familiar with BWM, please check out our list of growing reviews or their Facebook page, where you can get good discounts (as opposed to buying through EBay, which charges big fees and obviously gets added to your buying costs). I personally think their products are fantastic value for money and their amps and pedals rock!, but also, the customer support for an online distributor is fantastic. I have found that any thing I buy from them, I always receive excellent customer service and they stand by their warranty, so I can have peace of mind knowing that if I have a problem they will fix it! Okay there is my plug, on with the Freaky!!!

So first up, lets have a look at a couple of videos. This first video Darren has the Freaky at the end of his signal, meaning it’s the last pedal before it hits the amp. In front of the Freaky is a mid 90s ProCo Rat distortion pedal. The amp is a Peavey Delta Blues and the guitar is Darrens heavily modified ‘E’ serial MIJ Fender Strat.

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Behringer EQ700 Graphic Equalizer Pedal Review

So here I am, going through all my ‘el cheapo’ effects that I secretly really like, and after having recently reviewed the Behringer Echo Machine, I decided to keep on the economy side for a while. So I turn my attention to another ‘cheapo’ that I use on a daily basis, So here it is, my Behringer EQ700 graphic equalizer pedal review.

Behringer 7 Band EQ (EQ700)

Behringer 7 Band EQ (EQ700)

Since we have dealt with Behringer as a general company and the psychology that goes with certain brand names I won’t labour that, but I will say that I again have been surprised by the usefulness and quality of this pedal (for my non-professional applications).

I used to have a MXR 6 band EQ, and a BOSS EQ but I have found the Behringer EQ is actually quieter and less ‘hissy’ than the other two I just mentioned.

I am not saying the BOSS or MXR are not good pedals (the MXR 10 band is great), but for my application (bedroom wannabe) at quiet volumes, then this pedal is awesome value (you can pick them up for about $40).

So straight up, I am not putting this up with an Empress Parametric (had one but too nice to waste on my try hard Gilmour licks) but am really looking at plain and simple bedroom functionality at fairly low volume levels.

Encased in Behringer’s much loved hard plastic (ok, sarcasm) and finished in yellow, like a lot of Behringer pedals, it is a standard BOSS sized pedal. I will deal with my gripe now, I don’t like the power input to be on the side near the guitar lead input, I personally like a top end adapter point, but that is minor really.

When engaged it is very quiet, and the footswitch is sturdy with a normal amount of foot pressure (as long as you’re not pretending to kill a giant tarantula or something!). As mentioned, 7 bands of the standard frequencies ranging from 100Hz to 6.4kHz with a powerful 15dB boost/cut per band.

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