Fernandes Super Grade Goldtop – ‘A’ Grade Les Paul Clone

Today I am posting about one of my all time favorite guitars, it’s a Fernandes Super Grade Goldtop. As you can see it is obviously a Les Paul clone, which was made in Japan around the early to mid eighties.

Fernandes Super Grade Gold Top

1968 / 1969 Gibson Les Paul Gold Top

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Fernandes Stone Logo 70s Strat Copy

Today, for your viewing pleasure is a Fernandes Stone Logo 70s Strat Copy from the very early 80s. For those of you who don’t know, Fernandes is a Japanese company who originally manufactured flamenco guitars and has been around since 1969. The Fernandes parent company (Saito Musical Instruments) also make Gibson copies under the Burny brand name.

For more information about Fernandes, there is a really useful article on the www.music-trade.co.jp website…

Okay, so this particular Strat copy is one of the Stone Logo series, which were produced between 1980 and 81, according to the article linked to above.

Fernandes Stone Logo Strat. A 70s Fender Stratocaster copy made in the early 80s from Japan.

Vintage Mid 1980's Fernandes Neck Thru Single Pickup Shredder Guitar Japan

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Fernandes the Revival Black 70s Strat Copy – Another Japanese Beauty

Over the years I have seen the Fernandes brand pop up from time to time and I have often thought that these Japanese made “Law Suit” guitars looked pretty cool.

So recently, I managed to get my hands on a late 80s (possibly early 90s) black on black 70s Fender Stratocaster copy, which we’ll obviously be looking at. So let’s dive in, I’ve got a heap of cool pics for you to checkout, but first off, lets hear how she sounds….

In this first video Darren is playing through an all original USA made 1980s Silverface Fender Twin Reverb. The tube Screamer mentioned in this video, as with the rest of the following videos is the made in Japan TS9DX Turbo Tubescreamer version, the Rat pedal is the USA made version with the LM308 OP chip.

Vintage Custom 1965 Fender Twin Reverb Amp - Smokin Joe Kubek's Amp + Road Case

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How To Tweak Your Marshall JCM 800 Settings to Find Your Amps SWEET SPOT

Recently on YouTube I was having a conversation with a guy about how Darren dials in the Marshall JCM 800 settings to get his great Rock tone, so yesterday I asked Darren to do a couple of videos explaining how he finds the amps sweet spot for getting a great Rock sound out of the Marshall JCM800 combo.

In this first video, Darren goes into a fair bit of detail on the process he goes through to find the Sweet Spot when he dials in his amp. He also explains the difference between the treble and presence and how to get a good balance between the two.

In this next video we go from using the fender Custom Shop Fat 50s single coils in my Fernandes “The Revival” to the Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers in the Fernandes Gold Top “Super Grade” Les Paul.

Here is a pic that I took straight after shooting the video, the Marshall JCM 800 Settings are the exact same settings on the two videos you see above.

Marshall JCM800 Amp Settings

Marshall JCM800 Amp Settings


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 80's Red Marshall JCM 800 Master MK 2 50 Watt Lead Head And 4/12 Square Bottom

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MARSHALL 1982 JCM 800 model 2210 1/2 stack WHITE 100 watt 2210 ANNIVERSARY RARE

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Marshall JCM800 JCM-800 2203 Lead 100W Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Used Excellect+

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1983 WHITE Marshall 50w JCM 800 Tube Guitar Amplifier Combo Amp 2x12" Celestions

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