Tips for Travelling with Your Guitar

Guest Post By Johnny Peters, Follow Johnny on Google Plus here… and on Twitter here…

There are some really important precautions to take when traveling with a guitar if you want to make sure that your beloved instrument arrives in one piece.

Image has some rights reserved by cathyse97

Image has some rights reserved by cathyse97

Things like choosing the right case, paying attention to the weather, and making sure you’re following all the correct regulations when taking your guitar on an airplane, are all things we’ll discuss more in-depth. Also, we’ll talk about a couple of really useful tips to help prevent your guitar from being stolen while you’re travelling.

First things first, a protective case…

Those soft gig bags might be okay for taking your guitar back and forth from your buddy’s place, but if you plan on doing any serious traveling with your instrument then you’re going to need a hard-shell case, plain and simple. Hard-shell cases are a little bit more expensive, but the soft bags barely provide any protection at all and they’re just not good enough.

Thinking About the Weather

You might not realize how important the weather is when it comes to traveling with your guitar. Sudden changes in humidity can cause the guitar to warp or bend ever so slightly, but still enough to totally mess up the sound and the alignment of the fret board. If you’re going to a dryer climate, you can purchase little sponges that soak in water and help to keep the humidity correct inside your guitar case. Continue reading