Laney Lionheart L20H Tube Head – Okay I am in love!!

Now I admit the title is a little dramatic, but other reviewers were correct to describe this amp as “wonderfully rich and complex in tones” and with a fair few mentioning it was one of the best amps they had ever played… and You know what?

Laney Lionheart L20H Tube Head Front

Laney Lionheart L20H Tube Head Front

I am going to go out on a limb and agree…!

This amp, which is made in the UK by Laney is amazing! Why?

Well after buying and selling TOO MANY AMPS you start to get a little jaded and after a while they just start sounding so very, very similar, which is probably why they come and go so often…

But then you get one that not only looks amazing, like the Laney Lionheart, with it’s blue tolex and wheat colored grille, but when you strum out a chord, it is just absolute tonal bliss!

Laney Lionheart L50H 50-Watt Tube Guitar Head

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Laney – LIONHEART L50H Valve Head – Another underated Gem from Laney!

Okay time for some more guitar amps! Groovy… and this one today is very nice indeed!!!

Unfortunately we don’t have our own video demo, so I thought I would grab the official Laney video. I must confess though, I don’t think the Laney video does the amp any favors… So read on to find out what I really think of the amp!!!

Laney L20H Lionheart 20 Watt Class A Guitar Tube Head-OPEN BOX

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The Laney Cub 15 Watt Head – Review

Okay hands up if you don’t like an amp that sounds great, is very affordable, has very nice on-board gain and pretty decent reverb? Well, if that is you, go and play chess with a bowl headed mate because this isn’t for you!

Laney Cub Head

Laney Cub Head

So today were looking at the The Laney Cub 15 Watt Head, an amp offering by Laney, a UK company of long standing reputation and may I say slightly underrated compared to the biggies like Fender, Marshall and friends.

September 1, 1967 is the official date that Laney Amplification began. Lyndon Laney was originally a bassist, who would sometimes play with greats such as Robert Plant, John Bonham, began his amp building career making amplifiers for his friends. Since starting Laney Amplification, legends and rock heroes such as Tony Iommi , Mark Knopfler and Steve Rothery have used or still use Laney amps.

Okay, the history lesson done! The Laney Cubs have been extremely popular due to the features and tone they offer at an excellent price point. In fact, the Laney Cub head rivals quite a few things I have heard including much higher priced Egnaters for one (not saying anything against them!).

Laney Tony Iommi TI100 100 Watt Full Stack 2x (4x12) Cabs Guitar Amp Amplifier

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