Laney Lionheart L20H Tube Head – Okay I am in love!!

Now I admit the title is a little dramatic, but other reviewers were correct to describe this amp as “wonderfully rich and complex in tones” and with a fair few mentioning it was one of the best amps they had ever played… and You know what?

Laney Lionheart L20H Tube Head Front

Laney Lionheart L20H Tube Head Front

I am going to go out on a limb and agree…!

This amp, which is made in the UK by Laney is amazing! Why?

Well after buying and selling TOO MANY AMPS you start to get a little jaded and after a while they just start sounding so very, very similar, which is probably why they come and go so often…

But then you get one that not only looks amazing, like the Laney Lionheart, with it’s blue tolex and wheat colored grille, but when you strum out a chord, it is just absolute tonal bliss!

Laney Lionheart L50H 50-Watt Tube Guitar Head

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Laney – LIONHEART L50H Valve Head – Another underated Gem from Laney!

Okay time for some more guitar amps! Groovy… and this one today is very nice indeed!!!

Unfortunately we don’t have our own video demo, so I thought I would grab the official Laney video. I must confess though, I don’t think the Laney video does the amp any favors… So read on to find out what I really think of the amp!!!

Laney L20H Lionheart 20 Watt Class A Guitar Tube Head-OPEN BOX

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Marshall Valvestate VS100R – For the price… Very nice!!

Okay, let’s check out something slightly different today, from the venerated Marshall, the Marshall Valvestate VS100R.

Marshall Valvestate VS100R

Marshall Valvestate VS100R

Now Marshall is loved for its tube amps, and sadly the MG range have tarnished any credibility they might have had in the solid state amp arena.

I say sadly because there are wonderful solid state amps and I will venture the Marshall Valvestate VS100R as one of them.

This particular model of Valvestate was made in England during the late 90s and is quite solidly built. Finished off in the usual Marshall gold face place, with black grill cloth and that lovely Marshall logo (come on, how many guitarists buy an amp for a brand image?? Come on, out of the closet you Fender, Marshall or Mesa fans!!).

The cab is made of a synthetic construction timber but as some amp makers have agreed, the particle board (with no voids) actually can sound really good. So no need to stress that it is not marine birch ply, which is not the end of the world.

Standard rubber and plastic handle, plastic corner protectors, all in black so some cost cutting in this area. However, if you are really keen you can get some metal protectors but a lot of gigging musos have rated this amp gigworthy so save your dough.

Marshall Amp Head VS100 Valvestate 3 Channel Amplifier

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Marshall Class 5 Combo Tube Amp – Blow your windows out

Okay, hands up if you have owned a Marshall? I would guess that most guitarists have at least tried a Marshall somewhere along the line, and for good reason! Marshalls are the ‘soul of rock n roll’, but whether you like the tone is another story.

Marshall Class 5 Combo

Marshall Class 5 Combo

Today, checking out the little Marshall Class 5 Combo, another 5 watter to hit the market in what is becoming quite a competitive and heavily marketed arena. You all know Marshall’s history, but I must say, they just keep going.

An amp repairer once told me that the Marshall tube amps are generally quite good to repair, especially the old ones. Overall though, the Class 5 is a good looking amp, nothing too flashy, but a nice standard Marshall black tolex, with it’s lovely woven grey grill cloth with the famous white Marshall logo on Black tolex as a thin strip above the grill cloth.

Visually the Class 5 pays homage to Marshall’s revered mid-sixties ‘Bluesbreaker’ and 18-watt combos, with its black vinyl, ‘Plexi’-style top-mounted control panel and short front insert.

The piping here is gold instead of white and we have a salt and pepper grille cloth instead of the Bluesbreaker’s famous striped type. The control knobs are just Volume, Bass, Middle and Treble, so set it and leave it.

At the back you have a 16ohm speaker out and Headphones jack. Internally this packs two ECC83’s and one EL84 so let’s check out the sounds.

Avalon Design M5 Pure Class A Mic Preamplifier RECORDING EFFECTOR RECORDING PRE

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