Pedalworx Tejas Overdrive – Handmade Underrated Gem

Okay, picked up for cheap a Pedalworx Tejas Overdrive pedal made by Pedalworx in the USA. From what I can gather Pedalworx is a small family business that produce some very nice handmade gear that is still very affordable. For example this pedal I got off EGay new for $71 shipped because it isn’t over marketed yet. Even Klon and Wampler pedals started off doing small batches and slowly grew to become just too expensive (yes I know that they produce amazing great pedals, but $1000+ for an OD pedal by Klon… I mean C’mon…you can get a vintage Fender Twin Reverb for that! lol)


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Tech 21 SansAmp British: Marshall in a Box?

Let’s keep the Tech 21 pedal train going. So today I’m looking at the Tech 21 SansAmp British, a Marshall in a Box. Marshall has a reputation for producing amps that are renowned for their hard-hitting crunchy rock tones, and although in many cases are not as immediately recognizable as the bell-like tone of a Fender or the trebily chime of the Vox’s, they are still a vitally important rock n’ roll tone that has been the driving sound of many iconic bands.

Tech 21 British: Marshall in a Box?

SansAmp Tech21 British Amp Simulator Effects Pedal

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Re-painting My Sunburst Tele to Natural

Sometimes I just can’t leave well enough alone… my mates think I am mad, but what the hey, when money is tight and you got a itch for a new guitar sometimes you gotta scratch it with what you got.

The idea for this project started when I first saw Tommy Emanuel play his Tele in the following vid…

Danny Gatton's Personal Prototype 1 1991 Fender Tele

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A ProCo Rat2 thats a Brat?

Hi guys, I have a Proco Rat2 looking pedal that has a sticker on the back which says it’s a Brat. Can you help me identify it?

Here is a video I tried to record using my iPhone, unfortunately the sound quality isn’t very good, and I kinda had to rush it a bit before my kids came in and started jumping all over me, so the playing is a bit sloppy. But at least you will get to hear the difference between a US made Rat pedal and a Rat pedal that has a Brat serial number.

1983 vintage Pro Co RAT WITH ORIGINAL BOX LM308 IC Distortion pedal big box

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Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

Happy Belated New Year all you bedroom rockers, may Peace be with you, if you of course live in peace where possible! Okay, I am very guilty as I promised Mr J to do more reviews, but unfortunately I have been busy painting my house and doing many other put off jobs that only seem to get done at the end of the year!

Anyway… on with the review of the Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker.

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi with Tone Wicker

The Big Muff Pi needs no real introduction, I have reviewed the standard Little Big Muff already, which to summarize I felt was a great unit for the Big Muff tonal range. It worked very well with the Little Vox AC4 amp I had at that time and did my Gilmour thing really well.

Now a slight variation in this model is the tone wicker. This pedal still has the standard Big Muff Volume, Tone and Sustain knobs but adds a ‘Wicker‘ and ‘Tone‘ toggle to it.

So… What is a Tone Wicker? you ask…

Well the premise of this pedal is that it allows greater versatility, with the “Wicker” mode giving enhanced presence and sustain to an already cool pedal.

Actually being able to add extra presence can be a good thing for a Big Muff that can get dark and a bit ‘heavy‘, so some extra presence can certainly help you cut through a bit better.

You also have a tone switch that allows the tone stage to be bypassed for an even more scooped middle tone and some reviews claim a chunkier distortion. I would definitely say that when the Tone switch is off there is a big volume jump, a real boost and a more edgy ballsy fuzz sound.

It gets a little less smooth, a bit more raspy but yet still usable and fun. So really you have 3 or so tonal options, and for a fairly cheap pedal (around $100 which is not bad for USA made) it will satisfy most fuzz heads.

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff with Tone Wicker

$26.40 (4 Bids)
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Wren and Cuff Box of War – A Big Muff Civil War Clone for Boutique Muff tones

Okay, let’s enter the boutique zone for a while (don’t worry, I definitely can’t afford to live there!!) with the Wren and CuffBox of War‘ which is a Big Muff ‘Civil War‘ clone.

Unfortunately we don’t have our own Guitar Gas video demo for the Box of War, so I grabbed this very good demo from Pro Guitar Shop. Take the couple of minutes to check it out, it’s worth it…

Wren and Cuff J Mascis Garbage Face Muff Muffer Guitar Effects Pedal

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ProCo Rat2 Distortion Pedal – Classic for a Reason!

The RAT pedal is described as, “The Sound of the Underground“, and was designed in the Pro Co Sound factory in downtown Kalamazoo, Michigan by Charlie Wicks, who sadly passed away just recently.

The Rat first started out in 1978 and soon after was being used by some prominent artists, such as Pink Floyd (ala Dave Gilmour), Jeff Beck and a truckload of others… and the rest, as they say… is history.

Okay, so lets have a look at the Rat2 Distortion pedal in action. Here is a short video we shot with Darren playing his made in Japan Fender Stratocaster fitted with Seymor Duncan 59ers into a Peavey Delta Blues 1 x 15 amp.

The particular pedal in the video was made in 1995 in the USA, it has a pot code of R1379507 and it has the original LM308 OP AMP Chip, making this one of the older, more sought after models.

vintage pro co RAT original big box tone knob model overdrive distortion

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PRS Dragon II Treble Humbucker Review

Something different today at GAS, a pickup review! I must admit, like a lot of guitarists, I love pickups and tinkering with them to achieve ‘that sound‘.

PRS Dragon II Treble Humbucker Review Underside

PRS Dragon II Treble Humbucker Review Underside

Now today we’re checking out the PRS Dragon II Treble, which is fully made in the USA with ‘PRS USA‘ embossed underneath the pickup. This particular pickup has the chrome/nickel cover, you can also get them with a Gold plated cover.

Now I won’t waffle needlessly so I will get right into it, Firstly I tested this out on a Gold-top MIJ Orville Les Paul with a mahogany body, so a typically darker toned guitar which will of course color the tone coming through the pickup.

This pickup was in the bridge position for this review and the guitar was strung with the standard 10 – 46 gauge strings.

There is a video below that has Darren, our resident Guitar GAS guitarist showing the features of this PUP., make sure you check it out.

Virgil Arlo P90 Pickups. Soapbar P-90’s fit Gibson Les Paul, Es-335, PRS

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Gibson BurstBucker No1 Humbucker Pickup

The Gibson BurstBucker No1 Humbucker Pickup, Model number: IM57A-NH; is the first in a series 3 replicas of Gibson’s original Patent Applied For (PAF) pickup models.

Gibson BurstBucker No1 Humbucker Pickup Review

Gibson BurstBucker No1 Humbucker Pickup Review

Okay so it does have the brand Gibson on it, and it is made in the USA, so that has to count for something right?!!

Firstly, this review is based on the pickup being played in the neck position. l tested this pickup while it was in a MIJ Orville Les Paul, with the standard specs of mahogany body, maple top etc… There’s a video you can check out a bit further down this page…

I found this pup, in the neck position, had a darkish, very traditional Les Paul sounding tone. Gibson informs us that it is a ‘Vintage Tone” and because it is slightly under-wound, I would say that nails it very well. So straight up, this vintage replica PAF may rule the metal heads or super high gainers out!

Okay tone! Most other reviewers are divided half and half in their opinions on this model, but a lot of them were comparing it to higher end models, like Seymour Duncan’s Seth Lovers (which are a kickass pup).

Custom Shop Gibson Les Paul 1958 R8 Burstbucker PAF Pickups and Wiring Harness

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Peavey Delta Blues Amplifier

Before we get to the nitty gritty of my review of the Peavey Delta Blues Amplifier, let’s first have a listen to the amp and hear what Darren, our resident Guitar Gas, guitarist has to say about this workhorse from Peavey.

The guitar in the video above is an Aria Pro II Leopard fitted with Seymour Duncan Antiquities. When the amp is cranked in the video, the Pre amp section is cranked to full.

BUDDA MN-100 HEAD - 120V 120 Watt 3 Ch Guitar Amp Head BRS-16100-120V Peavey New

End Date: Saturday Aug-8-2020 15:36:34 PDT
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The Peavey Classic 30 – Peavey’s Classic Tweed Workhorse!

Alright let me be subtle with my introduction, I loved the two Peavey Classic 30s I had (and it’s now extinct brother the Blues Classic). Built like a Russian wrestler in very small swimming togs, the Peavey Classic 30 is loaded with extra features, and an overall well-regarded tone.

Hartley Peavey started Peavey in 1965 producing amps over time such as the ‘Bandit’, ‘5150’ (and subsequent ‘6505) and the Classic series coming out in the 1970s as the Vintage series. Although they tend to be underrated they are more influential and popular than most realize.

Peavey Classic 30

Peavey Classic 30

Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 20W RMS Modeling Guitar Amplifier #03608060

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Little Big Muff by Electro Harmonix

Enclosed in a solid tumbled steel casing, with a designed look of industrial toughness, the Little Big Muff by Electro Harmonix matches it’s tone with no nonsense looks and a ruggedness that is actually quite striking.

Little Big Muff by Electro Harmonics

Little Big Muff by Electro Harmonics

First hitting guitar shops from 2006, this was part of the new XO line of smaller sized effects that were gaining popularity at the time.

This pedal is smaller than the full sized V9 Big Muff, the circuit is different, and the sound does vary. The industrial grey of the steel is contrasted by three black knobs, the logo in red and some black design.

The box itself is very sturdy and somehow you know you are dealing with a company who not only has a great reputation but has street cred.

The pedal itself is a Fuzz, for those of you who are new to this endless pit of guitar product lust! I will go further to say one of the original Fuzz pedals, with its big brother, “The Big Muff” first coming out in the 1960s with such rock n’ roll royalty as Jimi Hendrix, David Gilmour and Carlos Santana using them, they took off.

Over the next 40 years they went through several evolutions, right through to the variation we have today, the ‘Little Big Muff‘. So having dealt with aesthetics (which I think many guitarists secretly take into account) and the history….

…Lets Now Deal with Tone.

I had been advised by well knowing websites and forums (therefore do the opposite!!) that the Muff pedals like a big wattage amp that is cranked to smooth out it’s famously raspy tones. Greats such as David Gilmour have made one sound great due to these factors apparently.

Well despite that, I bought one and have now run it through several amps, The VOX AC4TV (4watt tube amp) and a Hiwatt T20 head through a 2 x 12 Fane Reissues cab (another great amp). I used my G & L Legacy Strat (an excellent ‘budget’ guitar that rivals some MIA Strats I have played). Of course results varied, but the reason these 2 amps are mentioned is that are both affordable, fairly common fare and show different wattages.

1970/ 71 Electro Harmonix BIG MUFF pedal

End Date: Tuesday Jul-28-2020 16:54:41 PDT
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First the pedal is a true bypass and it runs off of either a 9V battery or an industry standard 9V AC adapter which is on the front thankfully. For the first time, the AC polarity of a Big Muff was changed to standard polarity. All of the older made in the USA were reverse polarity, which meant you could run this pedal using a standard AC adapter to power it as opposed to Rat pedals which require a special adapter.
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