Big White Monkey Howler Distortion Pedal – A Keely RAT clone!!

Okay, so recently we had a look at an original mid 90s ProCo RAT2 Distortion pedal, so let’s see how the Big White Monkey Howler Distortion Pedal stands up!

First up, let’s have a listen to how she sounds. Today we have Darren playing a Fernandes Super Grade Les Paul, fitted with Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers. He’s playing through the Big White Monkey VT5 hand wired amp.

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The New Chimp Head by Big White Monkey Amps

Big things are happening for the guys over at Big White Monkey Amps this year. As far as I know, they are bringing out a brand new range of Chimps, getting a new website sorted and looking to start some more new products that are currently being kept under wraps at this stage.

Last week we were lucky enough to get our hands on the brand new model Chimp head, which is the upgraded version of the older model Kong.

Before I go into specifics on the upgrades I have a couple of videos I would like to show you.

In this first video, Darren runs the amp through it’s paces using a Fernandes “The Revival” with Fender Custom Shop Fat 50s pickups. The speaker box is a Fargen 1 x 12 with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker.

In this next video we used a Fernandes “Super Grade” Gold Top Les Paul fitted with Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickups. The Pedal used is a Biyang Baby Boom Mad Driver OD-10 Pedal. Continue reading

How To Tweak Your Marshall JCM 800 Settings to Find Your Amps SWEET SPOT

Recently on YouTube I was having a conversation with a guy about how Darren dials in the Marshall JCM 800 settings to get his great Rock tone, so yesterday I asked Darren to do a couple of videos explaining how he finds the amps sweet spot for getting a great Rock sound out of the Marshall JCM800 combo.

In this first video, Darren goes into a fair bit of detail on the process he goes through to find the Sweet Spot when he dials in his amp. He also explains the difference between the treble and presence and how to get a good balance between the two.

In this next video we go from using the fender Custom Shop Fat 50s single coils in my Fernandes “The Revival” to the Seymour Duncan Seth Lovers in the Fernandes Gold Top “Super Grade” Les Paul.

Here is a pic that I took straight after shooting the video, the Marshall JCM 800 Settings are the exact same settings on the two videos you see above.

Marshall JCM800 Amp Settings

Marshall JCM800 Amp Settings

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How I Stopped my Fender Jaguar From Making a Ringing Sound

A while back I bought a Fender Jaguar on eBay. The guitar was so cool that I just had to have it.

It had the block inlays in the fretboard, it was made in Japan, had a really nice Sunburst and had a couple of minor chips in the finish to give it that “Played  In” look, it had also had a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Zebra Humbucker installed into the bridge position that could be split from a Humbucker into a single coil, the guitar was COOL with a capital “C” and it was being sold for a bargain.

Now when played at volume the notorious ringing couldn’t be heard, as you can see in this video of Darren playing it through a Marshall JCM800.

Steel Mustang® Bridge w/ Large Saddles fits Fender Jaguar® Jazzmaster® Guitar

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The Secrets of Slash’s Sound Exposed on the Seymour Duncan Blog

Here’s a great interview with Slash’s guitar tech over on the Seymour Duncan blog, In Search of the Secrets of Slash’s Sound.

I am not really into reading interviews, I do occasionally, but as a rule I usually find them long winded and drawn out. But, this one not only caught my attention but held it through out the entire post, which to be honest is rare for me;-)

There’s some great points of interest in the article, the ones I found to be the most interesting were how Slash’s guitar tech Ace, started working with Slash, the “Fake” stacks, the pedal board, the use of the volume and tone knobs, and watching Seymour, “The Man Himself” working on Slash’s Appetite for Destruction Gibson Les Paul Guitar.

Here’s the vid from the post…

Head on over and read the post, very insightful and an interesting read indeed.

Tele Neck Pickup Options from Seymour Duncan

There’s a great post worth checking out on Tele Neck Pickup Options over at the Seymour Duncan Blog.

The post covers a multitude of options available for your Telecaster, including…

  • Hot Tele Neck Pickups
  • Mini Humbuckers
  • P-90’s
  • Full-Sized Humbuckers
  • and P-Rails

My obvious favorite is the P-Rails, only because that’s what I have in my Tele, you can check out some videos of all the different Pick-ups on the Seymour Duncan post, but here’s some video’s of how my P-Rails sound in the neck position of my 99 US Telecaster through a Peavey delta blues.

The bridge pup is the Quarter Pounder for Tele, just in case your wondering.

Here’s how they sound through a Marshall JCM-800.

Just bought some Seth Lovers

Recently I acquired an almost mint condition Fernandes Les Paul Gold Top, if I can legally call it that, – Don’t sue me Gibson, if I have too, I’ll call it something else.

Anyways, the guitar came without any pups, it had some Seymour Duncan Antiquities but I got them taken out so I could get it a bit cheaper, plus my Aria Pro II already has Antiquities so I didn’t need another set.

Anyways, I really wanted a vintage style pup for the GT and this video of the Seth Lovers sold me. Check it out, it sounds absolutely incredible.

I only just bought them the other day from HDCustom Guitar Supply so it will still be at least a couple of weeks before I get them and have them installed.

Keep an eye out.

How To Change Guitar Pickups by Seymour Duncan

Here’s a great video from the Seymour Duncan Youtube channel on how to replace a guitar pickup. Great tips and advice for super novice techs like myself, who tend to look at getting other people to do their electrical work.

Thanks guys.

For more helpful tips and information you can visit:

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