The Secrets of Slash’s Sound Exposed on the Seymour Duncan Blog

Here’s a great interview with Slash’s guitar tech over on the Seymour Duncan blog, In Search of the Secrets of Slash’s Sound.

I am not really into reading interviews, I do occasionally, but as a rule I usually find them long winded and drawn out. But, this one not only caught my attention but held it through out the entire post, which to be honest is rare for me;-)

There’s some great points of interest in the article, the ones I found to be the most interesting were how Slash’s guitar tech Ace, started working with Slash, the “Fake” stacks, the pedal board, the use of the volume and tone knobs, and watching Seymour, “The Man Himself” working on Slash’s Appetite for Destruction Gibson Les Paul Guitar.

Here’s the vid from the post…

Head on over and read the post, very insightful and an interesting read indeed.