10 thoughts on “Wanna See A kick@$$ Guitar Solo?

      • It really was. What part could you relate to the most? The part I related to and actually wrote down was the fact that she wanted to get comfortable first. She wishes she had run instead and learned along the way. I need to do that NOW!

        • The part I could relate to most was the story she told about building a business that required her time, all the time. If she wanted her business to expand, she had to put in more effort and more of her time continuously.
          I am currently in a business that is basically a Job, although I do have a fair amount of time freedom I am still very much restricted to the freedom I do have.
          I totally want to have

          • I could see how Linda’s story could have become my own so great timing for me. I was just working on my coaching calendar for 2013 and could see how my days were going to be filled right up. They may still be for a while but I will now be putting energy into other revenue streams. Not sure what they are yet but that will come.

            Great website by the way. I think we are just about on opposite ends of the earth!

      • I am proud of you Jeremy. I just heard you on Streaming Club. Now you have a job to do, – and me as well. Bob’s calculation made me make my own calculations. I made a step just after the webinar, I hope you did too 😛
        You have to report your progress in this thread as well as on the webinar because the call on the 21st will be during night time in Europe, – OK?


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