Taking a Peek Inside the Fender Visitor Center

Fender USA have recently launched their new visitor center in there Corona Plant California.

In the video trailer that Fender have released, which you can watch below, you will see that this place is absolutely rockin. It looks like a go to woe of everything Fender have done since Leo started the company way back when. There are some glimpses in the video of some guitars that I can only assume have only ever existed in the Fender archives.

You will also see a snippet in the video of Leo’s wife, she genuinely sounds impressed with the detail that Fender have put into this new center/museum.

Being a visitor center, you can expect it to be open to the public, where you can also go on guided tours through the center and the production facility. I would be guessing you will need to book though.

You will even be able to custom build your own guitar, well not literally, but you can pick and choose all of the parts you want from their range of parts, necks, bodies, electrics etc…, and after you have chosen the parts for your dream guitar, they will be taken into the factory and put together by the guys in the factory. Your guitar will then be shipped straight to your door hot off the press.

There is a whole stack of things to do and see in the facility, like the amp room where you can try out some of the cool gear, the theater room where you can watch snippets of video about Fenders history, starting with Leo and a whole gang of early Fender Pioneers.

The Fender Visitor Center is set up so that Fender enthusiasts and musos can go in and enjoy the entire Fender experience. There is also a range of memorabilia on some other world class brands on display, such as Guild, Gretsch, Jackson and Charvelle.

Even Steve Miller has a short cameo appearance in the video and he even says that this visitor center is possibly the most exciting thing Fender has done in the past 30 odd years. So watch the video below and enjoy the sneak peek inside of the Fender Visitor Center.

For more info go to www.fender.com/visitorcenter

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