How I Stopped my Fender Jaguar From Making a Ringing Sound

A while back I bought a Fender Jaguar on eBay. The guitar was so cool that I just had to have it.

It had the block inlays in the fretboard, it was made in Japan, had a really nice Sunburst and had a couple of minor chips in the finish to give it that “Played  In” look, it had also had a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck Zebra Humbucker installed into the bridge position that could be split from a Humbucker into a single coil, the guitar was COOL with a capital “C” and it was being sold for a bargain.

Now when played at volume the notorious ringing couldn’t be heard, as you can see in this video of Darren playing it through a Marshall JCM800.

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But, after playing it for a while, I had discovered it had a horrible ringing sound constantly going on in the back ground every time I played it. I didn’t really notice it too much at first, and it doesn’t come through the amp when the guitar is amplified at higher than bedroom volume, but when I played the guitar at low volume, or un-pluged it became increasingly evident and once I had noticed the ringing, well it became even more annoying every time I played the guitar.

So I spent some time looking online for a solution, and it was from doing some research that I found out that the guitar had already had the bridge replaced with the Jazzmaster bridge. This is actually a common remedy for the strings coming out of the saddles, but the replacement bridge still hadn’t stopped the behind the bridge ringing.

After speaking to a friend of mine he sent me a link to a part from All-Parts called the Buzz Stop Roller. Until this point I hadn’t actually heard of, or seen this part in any of my research.

So, I thought I would shoot a couple of before and after videos so I could show you the problem and the remedy. Here’s a short video I did with the guitar before I installed the Buzz Stop Roller…

Now here’s part 2, the results I must say are extremely good, I am happy to say the least.

So there you have it folks, If your finding that your Jaguar has the same annoying ringing from behind the bridge then just install one of the All Parts Buzz Stop Rollers, it’s a simple fix and is Cheap Cheap Cheap.

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