Re-painting My Sunburst Tele to Natural

Sometimes I just can’t leave well enough alone… my mates think I am mad, but what the hey, when money is tight and you got a itch for a new guitar sometimes you gotta scratch it with what you got.

The idea for this project started when I first saw Tommy Emanuel play his Tele in the following vid…

Danny Gatton's Personal Prototype 1 1991 Fender Tele

End Date: Sunday Sep-13-2020 11:14:06 PDT
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Ceriatone JTM45 – Classic Rock Tone in the Key of ‘M’

How You Can Get 10% Off A Brand New Ceriatone Amplifier
Okay, so today we’re having a look at a very, very cool amp by Ceriatone. The JTM45. The JTM45 is a classic Marshall Clone, which is not as gainy as the later plexis, but it has great cleans.

First up a couple of vids. This first video, Darren is playing an MIJ Orville, Les Paul Gold Top, the speaker cab is a 1×12 Fargen, loaded with a 75th anniversary Celestion G12H. The distortion is a mids 90’s ProCo Rat

This next video, we are basically demoing the Big White Monkey Attenuator, which will give you an idea of how the amp breaks up. Continue reading

How You Can Get 10% Off A Brand New Ceriatone Amplifier


The team at are very happy and excited to announce that Ceriatone Amplifiers, One of the world’s most respected Boutique Amplifier makers is allowing us to give our readers a 10% discount on all new stock model amps.

Get 10% Off Your Next Ceriatone Amplifier

Nik, Founder and CEO of Ceriatone Amplification. Get 10% Off Your Next Ceriatone Amplifier

Ceriatone have been making custom-built, hand wired vintage style amplifiers for more than 10 years now and Nik (Ceriatone) and his team enjoy a very loyal and growing list of extremely happy guitarists from all over the World as their customers.

In the world of boutique, hand wired Tube amplifiers, Ceriatone amps are outstanding value for money and are a technically brilliant reproduction of many of the most sought after amps that created Rock and Roll history. The sound quality of a Ceriatone Amp will captivate any guitarist and their audience.

Here’s How to Get 10% OFF Your Next Ceriatone Amplifier…

The first thing you need to do is know what amp you want. Just visit and look through the huge list of options that are available. You may also want to go to the Sound Clips page and listen to the many sound samples for the different amps to help you decide.

Once you have decided on your amp, just come back here to and fill in the form on our Order Only page, leaving your details and what specific amp you want to order.

We will then place your order with Ceriatone, who will generate a unique, one time use coupon code (which you will need to quote when you pay for your amp).

Once all of the details regarding your order are finalized, you will receive via email all of the payment details. This will include your 10% off coupon code, the cost of the amp, the shipping costs, and the PayPal information where you will make your payment.

You then simply pay Ceriatone direct via PayPal, quoting the special coupon order number before you checkout.

Get 10% Off Your Next Ceriatone Amplifier

Get 10% Off Your Next Ceriatone Amplifier

The whole process is quick, simple and easy, just…

  1. Decide on your amp.
  2. Fill in the form on our Order page.
  3. Get the discount coupon via email.
  4. Pay Ceriatone direct via PayPal quoting the coupon code
  5. Wait a few weeks
  6. Rock on with your new Ceriatone Amplifier!!!

If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below, Contact Us or read through our list of Frequently Asked Questions here…


Q. Can I order an amp with any extra customized features that don’t come as standard?

A. No, Only the stock model amplifiers will qualify for this discount opportunity. You can not order customized amps with this offer.

Q. Can I still get the discount if I don’t live in your country?

A. YES, If Ceriatone will ship to your country then you can take advantage of this offer. You can see where Ceriatone ship by checking out the shipping page on their website.

Q. Can I re-use the coupon code for a second order?

A. No The coupon codes are generated for each individual order, and will only be created once you have placed an order to purchase a new Ceriatone amplifier.

Q. Can I share my coupon code with a friend or on another website?

A. No, simply because the coupon code is unique to you and your order, you cannot pass it on to anyone else, because it is specific to your amp.

Q. Do I get a discount on the overall total, including the shipping costs as well?

A. No, the discount will only apply to the cost of your amp.

Q. What is the currency I will be asked to pay?

A. All prices will be in US Dollars.

Q. What happens if I don’t quote the coupon code when I make my payment?

A. Quoting the coupon code is extremely IMPORTANT…, You must quote the coupon code prior to check out to receive the discount. It’s the only way to identify which amp is associated with your payment. If there isn’t a discount code associated with your payment, your money will be refunded and your order will not be processed.

Q. Can I order a kit so I can build my own Amplifier?

A. No, this offer is only available for completed amps already assembled by Ceriatone.

Q. How do I know my payment is secure?

A. When making your payment you will be paying Ceriatone direct through their PayPal account, no third parties will be involved in any transaction that takes place.

A ProCo Rat2 thats a Brat?

Hi guys, I have a Proco Rat2 looking pedal that has a sticker on the back which says it’s a Brat. Can you help me identify it?

Here is a video I tried to record using my iPhone, unfortunately the sound quality isn’t very good, and I kinda had to rush it a bit before my kids came in and started jumping all over me, so the playing is a bit sloppy. But at least you will get to hear the difference between a US made Rat pedal and a Rat pedal that has a Brat serial number.

1983 vintage Pro Co RAT WITH ORIGINAL BOX LM308 IC Distortion pedal big box

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1995 Orville Les Paul Gold Top

So here we are again, this time we’re looking at a very nice made in Japan Orville Les Paul Gold Top. And to start off, before we get into looking at the pics, lets have a listen to her. Dazza was kind enough to demo this guitar using a couple of amps.

First up lets check out how she sounds through a Ceriatone JTM45, the cab is a 1×12 Fargen, fitted with a Celestion 70th anniversary G12H. The distortion used in the video is my ProCo Rat2 pedal, which is a made in the U.S.A model.

1994 Gibson Les Paul Orville Butterfly Oval Custom Masterpiece Guitar

End Date: Tuesday Sep-1-2020 19:17:10 PDT
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ToneWoods – Seriously Do Tonewoods Really Make a Difference?

Howdy again! Now let’s take a break from reviewing gear and take some time to have a look at the somewhat controversial subject of Tone Woods!

I don’t know about you, but I am not easily convinced about people’s theories and ideals, just because someone else believes in something, such as the notion that a particular Wood can make a big difference to the sound of an electric guitar.

Do tonewoods make a difference?

Do tonewoods make a difference?

I like to ask questions and find out myself the truth of a matter (God created us to investigate and make up our own minds didn’t he??).

So, this article isn’t about me saying that I know all there is to know about Tonewoods, or even that the notion of Tonewoods is a load of rubbish, I just wanted to take a look at the debate raging at the moment on how timber used in making an electric guitar effects its tone, because there is always at least 2 sides to every story.

There are some very good points to be made, depending on your perspective, and (cough cough) financial status!! LOL, Which is what we will be looking at today!

This article is aimed at looking at all sides of the Tonewood debate. Do Tonewoods really make a difference to the sound of your electric guitar, or is it all just marketing hype?

I will express my views later in the article, and I will preface by saying that I am not a professional Luther, Sound engineer, Player, I only play guitar at home, I have however bought and sold a lot of guitars over the years and have formed an educated opinion based on my own personal experience of buying and selling the odd guitar or two!

Okay, lets get started!!! Continue reading

30% Off at SecondSpin For the Next 3 Days…

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Time to share a SecondSpin offer again. 30% off your order for the next couple of days. I just bought a few of my favourite KISS albums from when I was a young fella and noticed that you don’t even need to add in the promo code, it automatically adds the discount for you.

Click on this link or click the image below to start shopping…

Get 30% off at Secondspin

Get 30% off at Secondspin

Here’s a list of what I just ordered…, all for under $45.00 with shipping to Australia. Gotta love SecondSpin.

  • Kiss ~ Kiss [Remastered]
  • Kiss ~ Hotter Than Hell [Remastered]
  • Kiss ~ Dressed to Kill [Remastered]
  • Kiss ~ Destroyer [Remastered]
  • Kiss ~ Rock and Roll Over [Remastered]
  • Kiss ~ Love Gun [Remastered]
  • Kiss ~ Dynasty [Remastered]
  • Kiss ~ Unmasked

Will share some pics when I get them delivered.

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Big White Monkey Spider 808 vs the Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer

The other day while I was at Darren’s doing some videos, I thought I would like to see how the Big White Monkey Spider 808 Overdrive Pedal fared when it was put up against the much higher priced Ibanez TS9DX Turbo Tube Screamer.

Before we did this A/B comparison, I personally thought this might be an easy win for the Ibanez, but boy was I surprised at the results…

Okay, so enough talk, here’s the video… Darren is playing his MIJ Fender Stratocaster into a Peavey Delta Blues amplifier, the Spider 808 in the video is the newer version with the Hi Fi OP chip.

Ibanez Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro TS808 for Guitar Japan import

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If you have a great idea or an insight on a specific topic and you feel that it fits in with the content on this site, ie; Guitars, Amps, Music Gear, Learning Guitar, Industry news, CD’s, DVD’s etc… and would like to share it here in the form of an article, then please can get in touch with me and let me know what you have planned. You can reach me through the Contact Us Page.

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At the moment we require that all articles submitted fall under the sole ownership and copy write of Guitar Gas, mainly because of issues in relation to other sites having dual ownership of copyrighted material, we really don’t want to get into a bun fight over this stuff, plus duplicate content plastered all over the internet doesn’t do anyone any favors, it just hurts everyone’s chances of being ranked in the serp’s.

In simple language… If you want us to publish your article on Guitar, you can’t go and post it on your own website or any other site on the web for that matter.

We are more than happy to include a couple of links to your blog one at the top of the article, something like…

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SecondSpin Sale – Free Shipping Plus 20% off

I haven’t shared a SecondSpin sale in a while, but this one looks like a real saver. Get Free Shipping and save 20% off your order when you spend $25.00 or more.

Get 20% off and free shipping at second spin sale

Get 20% off and free shipping at second spin sale

Just use the promo code “SSMAYFS13” when you checkout.

I might need to start collecting the KISS Discography now….

Click on the image or Click here to go straight to the SecondSpin homepage.

Gibson’s Quick Connect Pickup Installation Guide – Video

Here’s a very cool video from Gibson demonstrating how easy it is to swap out your pups with the new Quick Connect Pickup system.

Even a total soldering neophyte like myself could confidently swap their pups. What a cool idea.

Not sure if the connection would affect the sound frequency in any way. I doubt it, but you never know? I suppose if there was a loss in the signal it would be so minimal you probably wouldn’t notice anyways.

Gibson PAF Pickups - Patent Applied For - Original Vintage Pair

End Date: Tuesday Sep-1-2020 14:27:45 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $7,495.00
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End Date: Monday Aug-24-2020 13:47:50 PDT
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Gibson REAL Vintage Long Magnets PAFs

End Date: Saturday Aug-15-2020 13:54:12 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $5,000.00
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Extremely Rare Set Of Gibson P90 Pickups With Boxes 1979 Coffee Table

End Date: Thursday Aug-13-2020 21:00:18 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $4,950.00
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Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop - Black Beauty - Fantastic Condition A+

$2,995.00 (0 Bids)
End Date: Saturday Aug-15-2020 6:26:34 PDT
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Relicing a Guitar Headstock – Aria Pro II Strikin Sounds Relic Project

Ok, so this attempt at relicing a guitar headstock will all but finish off the relicing of the neck.

So far I have finished sanding and staining the back of the neck, made the fingermarks on the fret board and all that’s left is to match the look of the headstock with the work I have done so far on the rest of the neck.

Here’s the video explaining how I went about relicing the headstock on my Aria Pro II Strikin Sounds Strat copy. I have to apologize, for the audio in the video, for some reason it’s not matching with the video frames and for the life on me I don’t know how to fix it.

Fender USA Custom Shop 1959 Relic Stratocaster NECK + TUNERS Strat Rosewood 59

End Date: Sunday Sep-13-2020 8:08:30 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $1,299.99
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